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The Arab Guy wouldn't tell me what it was about and said he was with the Bureau of Crime Investigations. Threatened to put me in jail and they had a legal case against me.

For what he wouldn't tell me. USA Credit has been taking 9.95 out of our checking account for years and never had a number to figure out what it was about. My card expired thank God, and finding out this USA Credit was a scam. We have his message saved and may persue legal options.

YES I AM PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS, something needs to be done about this company, or individual. I am Bi-Polar and don't need this stress!!!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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this arabs number is 13476375227. i am going through the same thing. i doubt a crime investagations unit would be calling from a magik jack number, which is what this number is.


USa credit is not the name of the people calling you, their names are slumdog rat eater, and elephant butt screwer. these people are from nigera most likely and want you to western union them money or they will supposedly have you arrested. tell them to eat $hit and you gonna put a hex on them.

they are scammers thats all.

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