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i applyed for a payday loan and some how usa credit got my info and tried to debet my account for 149.95 but i didnot have money in my account so i got charged a fee from my bank .i had to change my account number, then they tried again and could not do it they then tried calling me telling i had a refund ?.when i called them they claimed i owed them the money ,i refused.they then said they are turning me in for collection .iam still waiting for that letter so i can take care of the matter .and i dont mean paying them .they were dumb enough to give me there contact number so i am dumb enough to give to everyone who said they could not get it 1-800-649-4148 ext 2171 good luck

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Same here!!!! USA Credit, 149.95, out of my account, unauthorize, so I had to closed my account and reopen another account.

I do not owe them any money and they need to stop and eat the funds too. I did get a letter saying that they are turning me over to collection and start legal action with me and I say to them *** because i do not owe you a penny and I am not paying you back


I also got this letter and said the same thing the name of on the letter is John P. Fonzo Vice President and General Counsel

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