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I'm outraged,you all took moneyfrom me that I didn't agree to. I was applying for payday loans and your company was not one of them.

I haveheard that you all did several people like this and that is wrong. You all need to get down on your knees and pray for God to forgive you because hes the only one that going to.

I want my money put back into my account or I will file another complaint on you..I have already set one out I'll do it again. you caused me to majorly overdraw my account more please put it back Thank you.

Monetary Loss: $183.

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By the way, my e-mail is and I am making a formal proposal to you and everybody else whose fallen victim to this scam to get together on a class action lawsuit. With 10 or more people it shouldn't be hard. We can get our money back and then some!


I was applying for a payday loan too and they stole $150 from my checking account. Only in America can you get away with some crooked BS like this.

This is a scam of the worst kind and me and you and everybody else whose been screwed outta visit their office and beat some ***!

I'm not even joking! Tried calling and was put on hold for 35min

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