Usa Credit - They took a addinatal 99.49 from my bank

Dallas, Texas 3 comments

i do not recall telling anybody to take 99.49 out of my bank account for any reason. i would like them to cancel that amount & retrun it to my account thankint you in advance mr. larry leto

they were okeyed to take 149.00 but that was all they were to take out of my account so if you please retrun the 99.49 back to my bank i would be vert happy.also i am not happy with the way they do thing's that is underhanded and lowdown not a cood way to do buniness just because you think you can get away with it



i have an 800 number for them and i am getting my money refunded its 1-800-685-9354


they took 149.95 out of my account i contacted them and they rectified the situation....


Since you have given them your account number, you are in for big problems. Contact your bank right away, since these people will continue to hit you up for free money. Stop writing and get moving.

Usa Credit - They took money out of our account with out permission

Wheeling, West Virginia 0 comments

these people enter our account and took money out that cause our account to be over drawn. we never aurthoized them to do this at all.

we want this straighten out asap. this needs to be check into and stop right now we the people have had enough of this kind of bull *** so stop it now before it is to late and someone get to screw.this is the kind of stuff people want stop all we are doing is trying to help our familys and make things better and all we the people get is screw up the ***.our *** are sore enough so please fix thses problems and leave our *** and acounts alone

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Monetary Loss: $149.

Usa Credit - They went in my account unauthorized! Thank God for Kemba!

Columbus, Ohio 0 comments

My bank discovered fraud on my account through USA Credit. Apparently this company has been ripping people off with getting their account information even after they refuse the loan process.

I discovered a negative balance on my account and called in to find this scam by USA Credit. My banker reassured me that they will take action. This keeps me a satisfied customer because they found the problem and followed through with protecting my funds.

I'm real pleased with the Kemba team at my bank and pray that this type of fraud gets terminated and charges filed against them.

Usa Credit - You people have no life... Fraud!!!!

San Antonio, Texas 0 comments

why does there have to be do many greedy people in this world. they have nothing better to do than just steal money from people that work hard for it.

this is really ***. i am so freaking upset that i have to go through all of this ***. in general now i guess i know how other people feel when this happens to them and i dont like it what so ever. make your money the way all of us hard workers do!!!

its not right and i just cant believe that it happen to me.

now what can i do? i cant trust anybody now.

Monetary Loss: $144.

Usa Credit - A Scam coming form the back door!

Lafayette, Louisiana 0 comments
Not resolved

A friend and i never went on this site, we went and had our credit score checked. Come to find out this morning there was a incoming check # 5275.

This check had my name on it where the banks name should have been stating that i was the one saying that it was ok to take funds out of a friend of mine bank account and my name is not on the account at all. How can someone go through this much trouble and not have to answer for something that they are doing wrong. Well this time they have messed with the wrong women on this because as every single mother like we are trying to make ends meet! This is something that we don't need in our life, so if anyone wants to help us out with this problem and we are going to expose them for what they are!

AS SCAM *** that need to answer for what they are!!! Please e-mail me at if anything we will find away to have them answer and pay back this money that they know they owe

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Monetary Loss: $149.

USA Credit took 149.95 out of my account with out my permission.

Weslaco, Texas 2 comments

I am very upset cause i want to know how 149.95 came out of my account.

With out my permission. If there is anyone who knows what i need to do please post it caausre i am highly aggrevated right now.

thank you so very much.Who does these types of things. It is just sad that you can never trust your information with anyone of bussiness. I will have to seewhat i need to do, cause I am highly upset about this matter.

I am hoping I can get some answers real soon. Welll i guess thats it for now.

Monetary Loss: $149.



Usa Credit has done the same thing to me. And I do not have an account with them they claim I took a payday loan from them.

Which I never have and I have the proof I have never recieved funds from this company. They deducted that amount from my account wice. Which overdrew my account. I had to close that account and cancel my debit card becuase they just kept trying to take my money.

So I contacted the federal trades commision, as well as the BBB. And I have an attorney on stand by ready for any further action that may be neccesary.


The company misrepresented itself on the phone and pretended to be a regular credit card company. Upon further thought I called back and had it cancelled from my account.

The rep told me it would be taken out Friday and he took it out on Tuesday. This infuriates me as I am unemployed and do not have much money.

I also, sent in a cancellation of thisto their service dept. I want my money back or I will go to the attorney general.

Lynda Sorie

Usa Credit - *** off

Rochester, New York 1 comment

yes i was looking for a loan an befoe i know it you took $149.95 you had no rights to do that now I am going to call Pat Quinn an my bank on tuesday because i do have mental illness. I some time do not knowing what I AM DOING...

i F YOU GOING TO HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK I WILL BACK OFF!!! mY PHONE NUMBER IS 1-213-2116 OR EMAIL ME AT I do not hear from you you going hear it from the bank an Pat Quinn I do have his number for Identity theft if you think i am lieing you call me be glade give you Pat Quinn number.This will take place in 10:00 am on tue aug 2

Monetary Loss: $149.



they did the same to me not to long ago? is this company real?

USA credit took $149.95 out of my account without my approval

Southold, New York 1 comment

USA credit took $149.95 out of my account without my approval. Then when I called to complain and tell them that i never applied for anything with their company they had all my personal info and told me they were not going to refund me because I clicked some button on some website.

I told them to tell me what website and when they could not I said I want the money back in my account within 72 hours or I was calling the better business bureau she changed her tune real quick. She said it will be there.



They just did the exact same thing to me! how do i get ahold of these a-holes?

i've never heard of them and cant find any info online about them... except *** reviews

Usa Credit - Company called and told them i wasn't interested!

Huntington Beach, California 1 comment
Not resolved

The Usa Credit company called me explaining everything about a online loan and charging my husbands account. I told them no thank you and that i was not interested in ANY type of online account.

The male kept talking ignoring what i was saying, I raised my voice and told him repeated "I AM NOT INTERESTED"! "I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING FROM USA CREDIT" He started getting attitude because i said "NO". Then Today 07/23/2011 my husband and i go online to check his account.

usa credit made a UNAUTHORIZED charge for 149.95. CAN U SPELL FRUAD?

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Monetary Loss: $149.



They tried to do the same thing today to me. Unsuccessfully of course.

Usa Credit - I am pissed that USACREDIT stole $149.00 out of my account

Ellenwood, Georgia 0 comments

I am mad that a company that I have no idea who they are took money out of my account and I need to know what to do.What kind of company just take money and they haven't got your approval. what that be about ?

i really need some answers.Can someone help me please, I need to know what to do .

I want to know what kind of company is this and what they do besides take money out of people personal accounts can someone tell me ? Who invented this company what they do, how do they work and so forth.

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