Usa Credit - They told me i was preapproved

8280 E Florence Ave #210, Downey, CA 90240, USA 0 comments
Not resolved

But they lied they hung up the phone and didn't answer my question and finally told me to get lost

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Usa Credit - Unauthorized deductions from my account

Nashua, New Hampshire 3 comments
Not resolved

This company twice a month deducts from my checking account and it was never authorized causing several hundreds of dollars to be taken out of my account. I cannot get through to them to stop it Everytime I dial their number it drops the call.

the bank says I have to contact them to stop the deductions and then something can be done I cant do anything. I cannot even close my account because of them.

Because of the automatic withdrawals the bank keeps opening my account and it goes negative again. Is there anything I can do to stop this or is there another number I can call to stop this

This reviewer shared experience about "never authorized this" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $1000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Usa Credit. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Hightstown, New Jersey, United States #1281885

I have the same problem, there's an unauthorized monthly deduction of $19.95, and the bank (BofA) simply sounded powerless to stop those deductions. It looks like the only way to fix this is to close the account and open a new one.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1208309

You need to be more specific. What is being deducted for example?

to h.kitchener #1413467

Money ***.

USA Credit - Credit Limit Review

1 comment

Usa credit put a limit of 7500 on my report. I didn't apply didn't want it now can get rid of it. Any help us greatly needed.

Review about: Credit Limit.



Me too! I didn't sign up for anything or get anything in the mail.

It's just an open credit card on my credit report and I have to idea who to call to get rid of it!

These people need to go away. How can they to this to people!

Usa Credit - Credit score without receiving application

Bowling Green, Kentucky 3 comments
Not resolved

this company has put a bad credit score against me and i didn't even subscribe. they kept sending information to subscribe//join/or whatever but never sent anything in and now i'm being penalized.

i just checked my credit report and it says they had to write it off. how can they write it off when i never borrowed any money from them. this is rediculous. how can this company get by doing this to people.

it may not seem like much to some people but it is causing a lot of problems. someone needs to do soemthing about this issue and soon beforee something serious happens

Review about: Credit Score.


Rochester, New York, United States #1305333

I just started using my credit a year ago and my report says I have $2,500 USA Credit card in good standing. No clue where this came from..



I am Mrs. Stella Mavis and I am a barrister loan officer dancer juggler!!! Yeeeee Hawwww!!!


There Are enough people here to fill a class action lawsuit against USA Credit.

Usa Credit - My credit score

Ocoee, Florida 1 comment
Not resolved

So I am right here with everyone.Credit usa didn't get me for the $150. but did put a negative score against my credit saying I have a $2500 limit with them.Well this is the way I feel.If your gonna put it against my credit then you should at least let me use the ***.So WHAT DO I DO NOW?I SEE ALL THE COMPLAINTS BUT NO RESOLUTION.SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!! IAM TRYING TO STRIGHTEN OUT MY CREDIT TO GET A BUSINESS LOAN IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX THIS PLEASE RESPOND TO thank you in advance.

Monetary Loss: $2500.



I hired them to increase my scores and didn’t see a change. It went from 8 moths to being a year. My score is still in the low of the lowest.

USA Credit

Thornton, Colorado 0 comments
Not resolved

They are stating that I owe them 149.95 for a loan I never received. They are calling numerous times a day and emailing me.

I have tried to conact them and it does NO good because all they want is money!!!! Beware of these people!! This is a scam and they will not take no for an answer. Somehow they got all of my personal information.

When you try to talk to someone at this company all they do is tell you that you owe money for something that was never provided to you. Get a real job and stop harrassing people

Monetary Loss: $150.

Usa Credit - Constant harassing multiple e-mails that won't stop!

Dallas, Texas 3 comments

I don't know how I got on these peoples radar, but I get numerous emails from them per day and they will not delete me from their email list. They have dozens of 'from and subject' headings that don't have anything to do with loans.

It is harassment! I want them to stop!! I don't know how I got on these peoples radar, but I get numerous emails from them per day and they will not delete me from their email list. They have dozens of 'from and subject' headings that don't have anything to do with loans.

It is harassment! I want them to stop!!!


Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1339139

Depending on your email provider, you can block emails from senders you don't wish to receive. Look at the options your provider offers which will be somewhere withing the "help" section, etc.

Sometimes you can label them "spam" which will also work, or "junk" or whatever terminology they use. Also, follow the two comments for further options which may work.

Oakland, California, United States #1339062

does the emails have number to customer service?

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #603429

Add them to your spam filter and more importantly, NEVER click on those "UNSUBSCRIBE ME" links in ANY spam email messages. All that does is tell the spammers you have a valid and active email account. Instead, filter the entire domain to be placed into your junk mail folder and be done with it.

Usa Credit -

Not resolved

They took money from me and I never ask for anything from them. This is what show up on my account Here is what show up on my account USA Credit ; 8006859354 CO:Could you find out what it is for and get my money back for me they took $14 from me and I have to pay a overdraft charge plus the $14 which is $25+ 14= 39 dollars and I want it all back now. They should not have ask for anything because I never heard of them before until today so get my money back ok soon.

Review about: I Dont Know What Product.

Monetary Loss: $39.



USA Credit stole money out of my Washington Mutual bank acct. back in 2008.

I have written and spoken to the bank, and I have also written to several agencies that "supposedly" deal in scam artists such as these. This is now 2012 and I have YET to hear from anybody!!!! Another fake company that withdrew money from my acct.

without my knowledge or consent came back on my bank statement as WWW.IDPROSUP.COM. What do I have to do to get attention regarding these scammers?!!!!


How did they get your account number? You need to contact your bank immediately, in person, preferably when the branch is very busy.

USA Credit a ripoff. Take the money and run.

Cudahy, Wisconsin 0 comments

As everyone else has found out that this company just loves to take your money and run. I even had a conversation with a so called rep who tells me well sir once we get your information we take your money.

Even after I told the so called rep I never submitted the info or agreed to any money being withdrawn, I was told well you ga e us hour info. Ok can anyone else say fraud charges, in the process now of going through the better business bureau and trying to file charges with the us attorney generals office. Wish us all luck.

At least I got lucky I only kept about two bucks in that account just to keep it open. So take that USA credit it just *** me off so it's time for people to take back what was taken from them.

Monetary Loss: $149.

Usa credit just threatened to make my life a living ***

Knoxville, Tennessee 2 comments
Not resolved

The Arab Guy wouldn't tell me what it was about and said he was with the Bureau of Crime Investigations. Threatened to put me in jail and they had a legal case against me.

For what he wouldn't tell me. USA Credit has been taking 9.95 out of our checking account for years and never had a number to figure out what it was about. My card expired thank God, and finding out this USA Credit was a scam. We have his message saved and may persue legal options.

YES I AM PISSED OFF ABOUT THIS, something needs to be done about this company, or individual. I am Bi-Polar and don't need this stress!!!!

Review about: Charge.

Monetary Loss: $400.



this arabs number is 13476375227. i am going through the same thing. i doubt a crime investagations unit would be calling from a magik jack number, which is what this number is.


USa credit is not the name of the people calling you, their names are slumdog rat eater, and elephant butt screwer. these people are from nigera most likely and want you to western union them money or they will supposedly have you arrested. tell them to eat $hit and you gonna put a hex on them.

they are scammers thats all.

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