On January 20th I was looking over my bank statement to find that a company called USA credit had debited my account $149.00. I am not familar with this company and did not consent for them to do so.

In looking on line I find that this is a practice for the company and I'm following up on their practices. I plan to take all necessary steps to resolve this issue. It doesn't look as though they have been cooperative with other consumers and just continues stealing peoples hard earned money. There has to be a resolve for this,because this practice is surly unlawful.

I am willing to jump in with others to correct this issue. If anyone currently has a complaint please contact my office @ (313) 948-1691.

Let's make an example out of USA credit so other companies won't think that these unethical practices will be tolerated by consumers. Hope to hear from someone soon and this invitation is not open to USA credit unless it's to rectify our complaints.

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