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this company has put a bad credit score against me and i didn't even subscribe. they kept sending information to subscribe//join/or whatever but never sent anything in and now i'm being penalized.

i just checked my credit report and it says they had to write it off. how can they write it off when i never borrowed any money from them. this is rediculous. how can this company get by doing this to people.

it may not seem like much to some people but it is causing a lot of problems. someone needs to do soemthing about this issue and soon beforee something serious happens

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Rochester, New York, United States #1305333

I just started using my credit a year ago and my report says I have $2,500 USA Credit card in good standing. No clue where this came from..



I am Mrs. Stella Mavis and I am a barrister loan officer dancer juggler!!! Yeeeee Hawwww!!!


There Are enough people here to fill a class action lawsuit against USA Credit.

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