Usa credit took my money and I want it back

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Thank god I only had 100 bucks in my account, otherwise they would have got me for $149.99 I am stuck with the overdraft charges and the $30 to stop any future attempts. To some people this may seam like pennies but I am on disability receiving social security.

This loan represented my independence. The money I saved to open my business and only needed $500 to purchase my supplies.

Now it will be another month that I can't work, Which also means I won't be able to pay next months lease. These people are truly evil.

Usa Credit - Usa r bumb

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usa credit hit my bank account and i never applied for a loan, for $149.95

they did on friday closed of bussiness, not only that but they used a bogus check,making sure you can not contact your bbank, b of amer has promised to investigated this monday, but my intent is to contact the ill attorney gen and the U S attorney monday, and bring crimmial charges against these thevies, who would borrow money from a company who hijacks

customers unknowning is $149.95 stealing the only way they can make an investment for theirselves you *** r going to pay me that 149.95 back and then some

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Monetary Loss: $149.

Usa Credit took $149.95 out my bank account.

Tampa, Florida 1 comment
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I got a phone call about a credit line but when I found out how much money to pay i told the company USA Credit that I didn't need their services. Later about 3 days I checked my bank account and that's when I discovered that USA Credit took the funds out of my bank account.

I called the bank and they had returned the funds for non-suffient funds. this was about 2 weeks ago. Now as of today September 16, 2011, I checked my account because my bank account was overdrawned and charged overdrafted fees. To my discover this company USA Credit took $149.95 dollars out of my checking account this time the date was 09/13/2011 which cleared the account.

Now I must go to my bank and close my current account which have all my business transactions and pay by phone and other auto pay accounts.

That's not fair to cheat consumers in these days and times of the economy where people are struggling to pay their bills. Something needs to be done with this company.

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I had originally filled out a loan application online. I can't remember who it was.

I typed in my banking acct. # along with my routing # because they said my application was approved and they needed the info to deposit my money.

(Dumb of me, I know). I did it and this is what it cost me, literally.

Usa credit keeps taking$ 149.95out of my checking account even after I submitted a cancelation

Honolulu, Hawaii 1 comment
Not resolved

They are still taking $149.95 out of my checking account even after I cancelled with them back in July 2011.Please help me to do something about this.Because They did it again this past August 2011.

Please help me end this problem and get my money back, and stop them from doing it over and over each month.

my email address is, my home phone # is (808)696-2174.This has to stop because I can't take it any more.You see my credit is bad enough,so I don't have the for them to make worst.

Thank You,

DeVere Hall

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usa credit is a scam company, they will tell you that your cancelled but continue to take money as long as your credit card is able to be charged (even if the account is closed), you need to report your card stolen or lost to stop the charges. get a new card number and dont give it out anymore. tell your bank that the charges were not authorized and try a chargeback before its too late.

Usa Credit - Is billing my bank for money i did not get

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

i want the money that should have been deposited or return the money you received to my bank.i am retired and this is putting a hardship on my account if this is a scam then they should be reported to the better business company and removed from duping other people.I am being charged fund fees by my bank and i think i should be reemburst.I hope you can fix this problem,and make me feel that i deserve to be compansated for this by usa credit.i have stated all the things i can think of and i do want some kind of action taken against this company

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Monetary Loss: $600.

USA credit

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Hey folks - if you have had a deduction from this company, take heart, here's how's you got charged & what to do:

First! - if you have been charged you should call your bank and file a Regulation E claim. By filing the claim, you are protecting your rights under the law. At that time check with your bank to see if you have any liability to pay overdraft fees for an unauthorized debit. INSIST they put a stop payment at no additional charge to you.

Next - contact the company to cancel the charge. Get a reference or cancellation number.

Finally STOP GETTING OR APPLYING for payday loans online. Many of these websites have special little add ons that you must either select Or de-select to avoid these charges.

I hope this helps!

Usa credit .com

Troy, New York 1 comment
Not resolved

hello everyone today i received good news and bad news all in the same time $149.95 dollars was taken from my account today buy these consumers orwho ever they are my account is now overdrawn and i have no way to get it back im stuck now with no extra money i dont have to give to my bank for there mistake and im hurting really bad how do i get my back i have no clue what to do i please someone anyone tell me what do i have to do to get my money back because my bank has no controll of what happen im just lost out of money pls email me some advice

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good morning!@ i just contacted this shady company advised them that i never authorize them to take the 149.95 out of my account and tht i was going to file a complaint with the bbb and contact a lawyer... they did refund the money to my account with 48-72 hours with a call to my bank to verify that the payment has been maid...

they didnt pay my over daft fees.... here is their 800 number 1-800-685-9354 good luck to you all

Usa credit .com

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usa credit took $149.95 dollars out of my account i did not approve and i i want my money back it put my account in overdraft thats not cool i dont have money to give away how do i get it back as we speak my account is in overdraft right now what do i do i need somebody to tell me something that extra money is for my two girls now i have to come up with fees and the amount was lost how do i function with all this this is money lost how do people get away with doing horriable thing like this .God going to get them for this wait and see

Usa Credit - I was charge 149 dollars out of my bank account i didn't want and didn't get ,the i got a over draf

Houston, Texas 1 comment
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I was charge 149 dollars for something i didn't want and i got a over draft fee 35.00 and still was charge 149 dollars out of my bank account

in my checking account. I want my money back into my checking account.

My number is 832-549-2006, call me any time.What ever it is i want it cancel if i made a mistake, because i thought it was a free issue or i just made a big mistake and i didn'y no what's going on. I just want my money back into bank account, My checking account.

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i'm still waiting on a response

on the $149.95 that suppose to be in my checking account :(

Usa Credit - Shady company!! Stole from me!!

Montgomery, Alabama 2 comments

I was a victim of identity theft. Whom ever stole my social security # supposedly got online apply for pay day advance loans.

according to USA Credit they provided me with a loan which they direct deposited into my bank account. And they had my bank account # it was not like someone had opened an account in my name. I explained to them I have record from the bank showing where I never recieved this loan they said I had taken from them. So there were 2 charges on my bank account from this shady comapny o 149.95 each.

And if they continue to refuse to refund my money my attorney will just go after this company as well as he did the other company that did this to me. I have already filed a complaint with the FTC as well as the BBB.

Review about: False Payday Loan.

Monetary Loss: $299.



hello my name is eleganzer nelson this usa credit stole money out my account i was seeing how i do something about it now if u can contact me at


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